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Bungalow One
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Design Challenge: Turn a steep and narrow bungalow staircase into a safe and bungalow-appropriate focal point.


Solution: Once we determined the homeowner’s vision for the stairway, we came up with some options that worked with the space we had available and arrived at the cascading Arts and Crafts stairway. To make room, we opened the wall and removed the original stairs, then paneled the new wall in warm-toned wood.


Other highlights from this bungalow restoration included stripping and refinishing ceiling trim, resurfacing the fireplace with handmade ceramic and decorative brass tiles, and replacing black granite kitchen countertops and backsplash with moss-colored soapstone and rainforest green marble. A single closet door in the master bedroom was doubled for more access and an upgraded look. And, finally, a custom-sized sofa sleeper was designed to help make an under-used dormer room into a cozy guest room office