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Bungalow Bath Updated

Design Challenge: Re-do a Bungalow bathroom without really re-doing it. In other words make it different, but the same.


Solution: The family liked the colors and layout of their first floor bathroom, but felt it needed to be lighter, cleaner, and more up-to-date. We started by raising the vanity to a good ergonomic height. Then we lightened the surfaces by getting rid of the block of dark granite surrounding the tub, and adding a brighter quartz countertop. Recycled glass mosaic tile trim in the shower breaks up the monolithic neutral porcelain tile walls, and new sconces add brightness and give more flattering light than the recessed can lights -formerly the room's only light source. A granite shelf that had been an extension of the vanity top was replaced with a quartz window ledge, removable for plumbing maintenance. Finally, walls are painted a crisp white and the exposed baseboard heater gets a decorative grate with a definite bungalow aesthetic.

A few before photos